The Watcher

The watcher is a narrative driven game in which the the outcome of the story depend heavily on choices of the player.

The player talks to Anna who is dealing with depression and it's the job of the player to help her make the right decisions by getting to know her and her situation.



A mission for awareness

This game is partly to make people aware of what depression actually means and what it can do to someone dealing with it.

People suffering from depression can't always reach out for help nor do they seek to find it and we want to try our best to make people aware of how it might feel and how you can be able to help by means of conversation. We know this is not that easy and require your help to make this game complete this mission of ours.



The tragic tale of Anna

Anna Woods was born on the 31st of July in the year 1992 and currently resides within the city of New York where she rents an apartment from Lars Bromming, a 53-year-old technician that’s currently unemployed because of his recent outburst at one of his working places.

Anna is 1 meter and 58 centimeters tall, she has dark brown eyes and hair that is as black and beautiful as the midnight sky. Her hobbies are going out with friends, painting and writing her own stories.

Anna felt compelled, almost like she needed to write her own stories as they helped her to describe the amazing and fantastic tales she had in her mind and it gave her a sense of relief and confidence to know that others enjoyed her stories as much as she did.

Anna liked to express a big part of her stories through the form of wonderful drawings that she could create with the skill and ease of a true artist. Her art was a reflection of her optimism and talent; and where therefore always noticeable by her audience that believed her work to be admirable.

Anna Woods was a strong, confident and intelligent young woman that always knew what she wanted when confronted with a choice. This often made her seem vain or selfish to others. However, she inspired a lot of her friends with her good mood and motivation and was therefore adored by many of her teachers and fellow students.

Anna went to Keaton School of Arts where she studied many different forms of art, from writing to design, she enjoyed every single subject and had the motivation to accomplish great things. However, her passion for drawing had still captivated her to such an extent that she knew without a doubt that this was to be her choice of career.


Anna had a sister called Marcy Woods and two parents named Lynn Chen and David Woods. She knew her sister liked to watch cartoons and play videogames. However, she was mostly interested in her phone where she would text with her friends whom Anna had never seen in person. She felt estranged from her sister and would have liked them both to get along better.

Her mother Lynn Chen was 54 years old and worked as a waitress in a restaurant called The Grilled Bean.

She was small of posture, had dark brown eyes and beautiful hair that was almost identical to that of Anna’s.

Anna saw many days where her mother would come home tired, exhausted or emotional. But despite all of this she was still a very optimistic person and forced herself to continue, since it was just a few minutes away from her home and therefore close by would anything happen to Anna or her sister.

Her dad David Woods was 57 years old and worked as a construction worker. He was a muscular man with a small black beard that from ear to ear aligned perfectly with his jawline, he had short black hair on his head and had dark brown eyes that would often twinkle when she would describe him a story on one of her drawings.

He would sometimes be away for a long time and when Anna was young would often spend his time on the couch with and ice cold beer and a good movie after he came home from work.

Although her parents weren’t around a lot throughout her childhood years, she always remembered them to be caring and sympathetic individuals that would always show support for the things she did and accomplished.


Anna believed that hard work, motivation and perseverance where the key to success and was therefore often used as an example for the work she created and the accomplishments she had achieved.

Anna used this spur of self-confidence to publish her own illustrated book called “5 Days of Sunrise”, a children’s book about the importance of self-perception and was thrilled to show the whole world her creations, stories and ideas that she had developed within the confines of her own mind.

However, on the 12 of September 2012, when on her way home from one of her lectures about the history of art she was unfortunately met with disaster, when her car collided with the pickup truck of a man called Damian Brecker, a drunk driver who was in a hurry after he had robbed a convenient store a few blocks away.

The accident had cost Anna her right leg, the leg she used to walk with, to play ball with, the leg she had grown attached to and learned to respect.

Despite the loss of her leg Anna was still motivated and optimistic; and after three years of revalidation, medication and the privilege of a prosthetic replacement for her missing leg, was back to fulfill her dreams of creating wonderful pieces of art.


During her revalidation she was diagnosed with phantom pain syndrome, from what the doctors told her it was a mental disorder that caused unintentional pain in her missing limb. However, Anna was prescribed medication for this and with it could endure her affliction, and was able to live a normal life.

She no longer saw her missing leg as a disability but rather as a moment of life that she conquered, a moment of victory. She identified herself with the characters of her own stories, the struggles they had to overcome and the victories they had achieved by their perseverance and courage.

She would often amuse her friends with stories about her revalidation and the usually non problematic struggles she now had to face having a prosthetic leg. Although she told these stories to make her friends laugh, it where inspiring tales that would encourage them to deal with the struggles within their own life.


But Anna’s resilience would soon be tested. For she would again be met with disaster when she received a letter from her printing office describing that the current state of her book “5 Days of Sunrise” was not as popular as she hoped it to be. It was instead disliked by many critics who found her book to be uninspired, dull or even lacking in content and was therefore taken off the shelfs by a lot of stores that noticed the certain change in the costumer’s demand for the book.

“How could this be?” Anna said to herself, as she sat down onto her bed resting her face into the comfort of her own hands. She felt angry, heartbroken and deceived by the countless of people that had admired her work and the skill she used to create wonderful pieces of artwork.

Anna came down with emotions and after a few minutes finally gave in, letting her tears roll down her hands while in her head she argued about the choices she made in her life.

“FUCK!” Anna screamed grievously at the top of her longs as she grabbed her right knee, “My leg…  I need another pill”. She gathered her strength and lifted herself from the bed to make her way to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, struggling with each step she took.

After she took her pills and washed them down with a cold glass of water she made her way to the living room where she took a seat on her couch and turned to her own emotions.

She taught of the bills and how to pay them without any form of income, about the failure of her book and how it had proven herself to be a failure. Anna continued to reflect her life until she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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